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I am often frustrated by the Kaiser website. The search function is incapable of handling the simplest questions, like trying to find the phone number of the Optometry Department at the Oakland Medical Center. Try it and good luck…Don’t just redesign and modernize the website, have a new and different group of people do it from whoever made the current awful website. It is a hassle and requires all kinds of jumping through hoops to get a simple need fulfilled.

-Member, Northern California

As KP was planning a billion-dollar re-platform of it’s legacy websites to a single CMS across the digital purchase and member experience journeys, I led the charge to build a robust content strategy practice tightly integrated with best practices for both internal and external search engines, structured data, and content types.

The cornerstone of any enterprise content management system (CMS) is a content model, a deliverable that classifies content and the relationships between those classifications. It includes the defined attributes of each content type and defines relationships between content types for ease of content management, consistency of experience, and cross referencing throughout the experience.

What resulted was a health-care specific content model generalized for not just KP — but all healthcare organizations.